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One Curbball game at a time!

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live multiple times. From the constant cycles of enhanced and reduced social distancing, quarantining, and mask mandates, children in their youth have been severely affected. In my own community and communities around the world, violence has increased, physical activity has decreased, and it is up to the community to support the children into making the most of their youth.
In efforts to contribute to the youth anti-violence movement in Columbus, Ohio, Inner City Studios LLC proposes to execute a youth initiative program that focuses on social and emotional development. Our young people will have the opportunity to build character, grow into leaders, and set the expectations for the next generation while having fun.
This is a tool designed to give the youth an option to act for their physical health & mental health that they wouldn’t necessarily have without the support of the community. These kids have been suppressed of their way of life and want to go out and interact with their friends and peers and the Youth Curb ball Initiative will allow them to do this in a safe environment where they can learn.

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It’s a 2x player game. Each player stands on the opposite side from each other. One player will throw a ball to attempt to hit the curb. 

  • Every direct hit on curb that comes back to the player that throw it is worth (10) points

  • Once a player hits the curb they get the opportunity to gain additional points by throwing from the middle. 

  • each direct hit from the middle is worth 5 points ( player gets 3 attempts if they continue to score from the middle. Maximum points earned from middle (15). 

  • Once a player reaches 50 points their eligible for the 50 point behind the back trick shot!

•First player to reach 100 points WINS!!!  

*Curbs are 4ft x 6in

*Curbs are spaced 27ft apart from the front of curb. 

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(Site Reference below ; Sporting kid live )

Sporting kid live Article 

Sports participation reduces suicide attempts among bullied teens
Regular exercise significantly reduces both suicidal thoughts and attempts among youngsters who are bullied, according to a new study.
Using data from the CDC's National Youth Risk Behavior Survey of more than 13,000 students, researchers at the University of Vermont found that being physically active four or more days per week resulted in a 23 percent reduction in suicidal ideation and attempts in bullied students. Nationwide nearly 20 percent of students reported being bullied on school property.
Previous studies have shown that exercise has positive effects on various mental health measures. This is the first, however, to show a link between physical activity and a reduction in suicidal thoughts and attempts by bullied students, who are also at increased risk for poor academic performance, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, sadness and substance abuse.
Overall, 30 percent of students in the study reported feeling sad for two or more weeks in the previous year while more than 22 percent reported suicidal ideation; and 8.2 percent reported actual suicidal attempts during the same time period.
Bullied students were twice as likely to report sadness, and three times as likely to report suicidal ideation or attempt when compared to peers who were not bullied. Exercise on four or more days per week was also associated with significant reductions in sadness.
"I was surprised that it was that significant and that positive effects of exercise extended to kids actually trying to harm themselves," said lead author Jeremy Sibold, associate professor and chair of the Department Rehabilitation and Movement Science. "Even if one kid is protected because we got them involved in an after-school activity or in a physical education program it's worth it."
Overall, it is estimated that only about half of America's youth meet the current evidence-based guideline of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department of at least 60 minutes of vigorous or moderate-intensity physical activity daily.
If exercise reduces sadness, suicide ideation, and suicide attempts, then why in the world are we cutting physical education programs and making it harder for students to make athletic teams at such a critical age?" Sibold said.
If you are looking for information on dealing with bullying, the National Alliance for Youth Sports offers its Bullying Prevention Training, a free online program for coaches, parents, youth sports administrators and anyone else learning more about this serious issue that affects millions of children. Click HERE for more information on the program.

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