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Join us Every Saturday for our first curb ball Co-ed tournament. 
Cost: Free
Start Date: April 2 
Time : 12:30 - 2pm 
Location: Scioto Audubon Park 
400 W Whitter St, Columbus OH 43215




It’s a 2x player game. Each player stands on the opposite side from each other. One player will throw a ball to attempt to hit the curb. 

  • Every direct hit on curb that comes back to the player that throw it is worth (10) points

  • Once a player hits the curb they get the opportunity to gain additional points by throwing from the middle. 

  • each direct hit from the middle is worth 5 points ( player gets 3 attempts if they continue to score from the middle. Maximum points earned from middle (15). 

  • Once a player reaches 50 points their eligible for the 50 point behind the back trick shot!

•First player to reach 100 points WINS!!!  

*Curbs are 4in x 6ft long 

*Curbs are spaced 27ft apart from the front of curb.